Case contains


The game “Taming the Fire” or csgo wildfire case if the new project of Counter Strike. The players fight with fire in teams or single. This element is both valuable and ruthless in the same time. You should pass 16 quests of different complexity level in wildfire case. The events are realistic, direction and speed of fire depend on the wind and materials. Csgo operation wildfire skins provide many useful things and weapon. They can be bought on the specialized website.

What do we get from the new case?

An updated version will please even the most demanding fan of wildfire case skins. The collection contains updates for rifles - PP-Bizon, USP-S, AK-47, AWP, M4A4, pistols – Dual Berettas Cartel, Glock-18, MAG-7 and other weapon models. A pleasant addition in csgo operation wildfire case is the knife Bowie Knife. It can be made in various modifications.

New operation wildfire case contains the following items:

  • elite outfit AWP;

  • TEC-9;

  • the leader of the dragons;

  • wildfire skins of the knife Boui (appears very rare);

  • king legion;

  • superfast beast Nova;

  • fuel injector.

In operation wildfire case csgo you can also find not only one of the above-listed items but many other useful things for the game as well.

Game changes

Innovations in operation wildfire csgo will be interesting both for beginners and experienced gamblers of Counter Strike. Foremost, it is new skins and game possibilities. Most importantly, that wildfire case price is notably accessible, likewise, the price of quest passing is. New maps, statistical journal about competitive matches and the leaders among teams were added. You can read about operation wildfire case price before the game. Furthermore, there are both large operations and small additional tasks, after which you can increase your rating and gain experience. Now you can drop csgo wildfire skins. It can be done not only in a standard way but also after reaching a new level. Operation wildfire case skins include skins and exclusive knife. Despite a unique design, it can easily kill opponents. Wildfire case buy new weapon directly on our website. The game is quite exciting and interesting. However, the beginners will have to work hard to get wildfire skins csgo. To get a new outfit, you should go the hard way. But, operation wildfire skins and the ability to have a weapon, captivates from the first minutes of the game. The case price is also important. Operation wildfire case buy only for $1.5 on our website.

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