Case contains


Recently, the popular game Counter Strike released an update spectrum csgo. A new case with 17 types of new weapon and knives was added. This article will inform you about the popular skins.

The case contents

CSGO spectrum case contains the best AWP weapon, improved rifles PP-Bizon, MP-7, M249, XM1014, CZ75-Auto. For those, who decided to open this case, passing the quests will be much easier and faster. Unique and certainly qualitative spectrum skins will surprise every player with its exclusivity and style originality. Seventeen kinds of weapon and knives are waiting for the owner of this quite rare case.

After opening spectrum csgo case, you will also be able to get one of the following items:

  • tracing SCAR-20;

  • oxide flame;

  • capillary Five-Seven;

  • bite of emerald poison М249;

  • seasons;

  • secret object, that can be rarely found;

  • murrey tsunami Gaili AR;

  • delirious dream.

And many other useful things. It should be mentioned, that the spectrum case skins price is quite acceptable for any player. You can open this case only for $5.00 on our website.

Game news

Spectrum csgo captures and enthralls from the first minute. Both new coloring of rifles and pistols and a unique knife collection are particularly attractive. The bugs with audio playback (exploding grenade did not reproduce sounds) and color were fixed. You can sell spectrum case skins or buy them from other players.

Case purchase is the key to success

In the Counter Strike games, it is important not only to participate but also to win new awards.

This allows opening new levels and to earn more money for the purchase of necessary outfit, weapon, additional possibilities. With spectrum csgo case skins you will be able to achieve high mastery in passing maps. Modern outfit allows gamblers to overcome obstacles faster with the least losses both for themselves and for the team in general. Experienced players advise buying several csgo spectrum case skins at the same time. This will ensure maximum protection from an enemy and your safety on the battlefield. It also warrants speedy rise to a new level. You may find information about CSGO spectrum case price on the website. Find out about the case contents by moving the mouse cursor over it. Play Counter Strike, earn money and open new spectrum case skins csgo.

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