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The present computer players know, that there is a large choice of weapon in modern games, with the help of which many enemies can be destroyed. Not only machine guns, rifles, pistols can be used, but also a cold weapon, for instance, throwing knives knife prices csgo. Such type of weapon is widely known in many “war games”.

csgo knives can be used in the games “Metro 2033” & “Metro: Last Light”. These are so-called throwing knives. Their biggest advantage towards firearms is that they can be used almost noiselessly and this allows penetrating far into the enemy base and remain unnoticed. Cs Go knives skins are shortened. Its predecessor is the knife "Sturgeon". In some csgo knife skins, a tape is wound around the handle, other models have printed picture or color gradient transition.

Appearance in games

As we have already mentioned, you can meet buy csgo knives in computer games “Metro”. According to the story in "Metro: Last Light", you can get acquainted with this knife for the first time, when you fall into the fourth Reich concentration camp. Different heroes can protect themselves and attack at this level with the help of csgo knive. Additionally, soldiers can use knives for entertainment, simply throwing them at the target.

Cold weapon features
  • csgo knife prices can be bought practically in any shop;

  • the character Artem (in “Metro”) can have can carry no more than five knives (except for Ranger mode, there - up to ten);

  • any kind of enemies can be killed with csgo knives buy (people, ghouls, mutants);

  • the knife knive csgo is unable to pierce the armor or helmet of a heavy infantryman.

Skins varieties in knife case

Сs go knives list is big enough. You will find different varieties of throwing a knife in the shop:

  • Blued steel;

  • Northern Forest;

  • Bloody web;

  • Gradient;

  • Pixel camouflage;

  • Marble gradient;

  • Waves;

  • Anther;

  • Tiger tooth;

  • City disguise;

  • Ultraviolet and many others.

There is a description for each knife skin in the shop. So, for example, a knife skin “City disguise” has a picture put on it with a can. Also, for the knife design, a stencil with adhesive tape is used. A user can choose different modification and buy csgo knife skins (they differ by price):

  • directly from the factory;

  • slightly used;

  • after field tests;

  • shabby;

  • battle-hardened.

The csgo knife case price is also different and can reach from 70 to 150 dollars (there are a different way in various models). So look, choose and make your character invulnerable for an opponent in the game.

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