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Сsgo m4 – it is a carbine model, that was created in America. М16А2 rifle was its prototype. Primarily, the weapon was intended for the armament of fighting machine members. You can often meet this model also in computer games. Counter-Strike fancy can justice all advantages of such a weapon.

Difference between M4 and M16A2
  • the gun barrel is shorter;

  • it has a telescopic sliding butt.

There is also another one modification m4 csgo – М4А1, which differs only by shooting modes.

Features m4 skins csgo

This model shoots fairly well and accurately. The fire distance is also considerable:

  • for single targets it reaches 0,5 km;

  • for group targets – to 600 meters.

The fire rapid is also good and reaches about seven hundred to nine hundred shots per minute.

Gun shops also can be various:

  • box-shaped: for 60, 40 and 30 cartridges;

  • drum-shaped – for 100 cartridges.

Thus, you can choose by your own, how often your gun should be recharged during the game.

The larger the shop is, the less frequent it will have to be recharged. Those players, who decided to use csgo m4 skins has the ability to complement it with additional equipment, namely:

  1. under-barreled forty-millimeter grenade launcher;

  2. devise of laser target illumination;

  3. optical sight (it will help to shoot at the enemy without a miss);

  4. muffler;

  5. collimator sight;

  6. tactical flashlight.

And this is not the complete weapon upgrade list, offered by computer developers.

Skins m4 cs:go

All the described above concerned only technical features of M4. Talking about m4 csgo skins visual changing opportunities, their amount is unlimited. For instance, you can buy skin M4 called "Uninhabited space". In this case, your weapon will be painted in space theme. The unique picture will distinguish you from other players. There are several purchase options:

  • directly from the factory;

  • slightly used;

  • after field tests;

  • shabby;

  • battle-hardened.

Each variant has a different price. М4 "Uninhabited space" directly from the factory costs 25,77 dollars. The cheapest variant – battle-hardened – 7,64 dollars.

There are many other types of m4 skins: Hell fire, Bummer, Poseidon, Star cruiser, Desert attack, Griffin, Rain from bullets, etc. Only you choose, how will your weapon look like. Developers ensured that you could choose appropriate variant, that will be attractive not only for its technical features but also by its appearance.

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