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Glove case

Developers don’t get tired to pump a shooter, concentrating not only on the weapon graphics updating but also paying attention to detail. Csgo glove case, that appeared in the next update, hides now not only a set of weapon but also a rare pair of gloves. glove csgo case has 24 pairs of gloves and 17 new weapon skins in total. The accessories vary in levels, some models from glove case are available only for certain groups, for instance, particularly strong black gloves with white and orange elements, developed expressly for special forces.


Besides nice stylish details, a selection of high-quality weapons lies in csgo glove. One from the following weapons can be in glove csgo:

  • yellow csgo glove skins: MP9 – tommy-gun. Thanks to a mixture of beige and gray hues, it is well camouflaged in the desert. From this category such types are available: the already familiar Glock 18 and rather expensive tommy-gun MP7, well-known under the name Pinnate Cloud. Particularly, because of the design, as the corps is made in a blue-metallic range and has a distinctive sticker in the form of a skull. Armament is suitable for short-range battles;

  • green hue tools from glove skins represent a sawed-off shotgun. This type of firearm is not good enough because it has poor accuracy and a wide scatter range. However, it counts the defeated enemies and will accurately raise the game statistics. FAMAS rifle will complement the glove case skins collection. It will become a great solution, if there is no chance to spend money for machine guns of higher class, and the pistol features force you to look for something more powerful;

  • Csgo glove case skins light green color is the carbine M4A1-S, in which a silencer for noiseless firing is built in. Despite a small reserve, the sound of bullets will not attract uninvited guests to you.

How and where to choose?

On such professional game platforms like Steam, you can easily buy csgo gloves. For example, in Caseshot csgo glove case price is 4.50 dollars per one glove csgo skins. To open an exclusive glove case, you will need a special key. Eventually, the glove case price rises for a few dollars. If you don’t pursue novelty and elitism, you can use csgo gloves market, where the csgo glove skins price is affordable, also the players put up there other sets for sale. On such public playgrounds you can exchange or buy glove case, and the cs go gloves price will be much cheaper, rather than in the official market.

For csgo glove buy, it is enough to enter shop through your Steam account and to find a person, whose glove csgo price will be acceptable for you. However, don’t forget about the precautionary measures: don’t disclose your password and other personal information in order not to be left with nothing.

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