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If you fond of playing computer games, especially Contract Wars, then you probably know, that often there is not enough to have one skill to manage the main character well, you should also need to receive a good weapon, which will help you to kill your enemies. Glock 18 skins – is a great pistol, which will help you to get away practically from any battle easily. So, if you wonder to know about its features, read further.

What is it?

Glock 18 cs go – this automatic pistol came originally from Australia. If you don’t wanna burden your computer hero with an excessively heavy weapon, this variant would be the most appropriate for you. After all, it is the perfect compromise: the pistol is light, compact and has a high combat effectiveness. This weapon model will become a quick fix in battles with lots of enemies at the same time because it has an intensive rate of fire. Rapid fire will help to kill a large number of enemies in a short time.

How did the machine gun come in sight?

The weapon glock 18 cs go skins can save the life of your game character if you don’t hide from grenade impact or explosion in PvE and PvP. Special divisions of army and police are often equipped with such a weapon. The eighteenth model is developed on the basis of the seventeenth one. It is improved and has many advantages. Particularly, it has conversion of a fire regime. It allows both to fire out entire lines of shots and to use single shots. Maximum shots number per minute can reach 1200. It is possible to modify the model, which fires a burst of three shots. The pistol can be completed with gun shops for a different cartridges number:

The gun can be completed with shops for a different number of cartridges:

  • 33;

  • 19;

  • 17.

Considering, that shots number can exceed a thousand, you should take into account, that it is better to choose a model with 33 cartridges. Such a gun shop will be enough for the second and a half of intense firing queue.

  • the possibility of intensive shooting;

  • big gun shop;

  • you should not open weapon on the supplier’s side;

  • model recharges very quickly.

Weak sides
  • there is only one modified slot;

  • small damage;

  • low efficiency in long-range shooting.

Сs go glock 18 can have a different shopfront. You can choose three types of gun barrel, also the tactical block and sight you like. After gaining some game achievements (for example, after killing 10000 or 25000 enemies), camouflages and badges of different will appear.

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