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Gamma case

No updates in Counter Strike is complete without adding visual and sound effects and, of course, weapon leveling. Another innovation was the appearance of gamma case. The gamma case csgo itself was developed based on the user content in the workshop of the Steam gaming platform.


The main edition of gamma csgo was released at number 144. It includes new weapon kinds and six types of knives coloring. Many things from design for csgo case gamma were downloaded by users, for instance, such gamma skins as a legend, pure water, autotronic, hand-painted and gamma waves.

Cold equipment is appropriate for close combat. The basic configuration immediately includes blades, that become the main equipment. The advantage of such a tool will be its noiseless use. However, steel can be used at close range to the enemy. An enemy has no chance of rebuff by a direct blow from the back. During the game session, you can pick up the fallen metal more than once if you have a free cell for a weapon. In gamma case csgo skins the knives don’t represent anything specific, they differ only by visualization. Gamma case skins have a neat shopfront and minimalistic graphics.


A set of firearms in csgo gamma is interesting for a player. It is made in army spirit without bright colors. Actually, for this purpose csgo gamma weapon was created. It consists of:

  • csgo gamma case skins blue - pistols Тес-9, five-seven, tommy-gun MAC-10, shotgun Nova. The favorite one here is Five-seven, which can boast a low-impact and a large reserve. Although, its price is 500 dollars.

  • the red package csgo gamma case skins have two types of combat equipment: Glock-18 and a rare sawn-off gun M4A1-S. Glock is very suitable for beginners, it destroys an enemy without special protection, volley is produced by three bullets. But the rifle can be obtained only in the access to special forces;

  • the purple csgo gamma skins have a wide range of equipment. For example, automatic pistol, which is convenient to shoot from on the move thanks to the return control. This set can boast of an elite AUG rifle. It is distinguished by the extreme shot accuracy and a quick burst. Talking about disadvantages, weapon recharge takes a lot of time. This item is available only for special forces. In addition to these kits, csgo gamma case has a set of pink skin, something extremely valuable and rare from the category of yellow color.

How to chose?

The minimum gamma case csgo price starts from 2 dollars after buying one case with a half percent level increase. csgo gamma case price is not distinguished by the choice of a blue, green or red crystal. If there is a special key, five special collections gamma case buy at once is permissible. The more purchases you make, the higher the probability of obtaining a valuable object is. Gamma case price on official sales sites is different from buying at auctions among users. You can also sell and exchange things by yourself.

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