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I believe that many people heard about popular Counter Strike global offensive. Being exciting and dynamic, this online game exceeded all expectations, won the gamers’ hearts and achieved tremendous success. Pistols of various forms and modifications are the basic weapon in the game.

In addition to pistols, you can shoot at the enemy from submachine guns, rifles, heavy weapons and even use grenades. Besides pistols, you can shoot at an enemy from SMGs, rifles, heavy weapon and even use grenades. However, not all the weapons are easily accessible.

One of the most rare weapons series in Counter Strike is сovert csgo (the secret series), also well-known as Red or Ancient. This type of weapon can be found only in boxes or bought from other players through the trading platform Counter Strike global. Also, you have a chance to win the secret series in the lottery. The more money you have, the more rare and exclusive weapon model range you can buy. Or play the lottery! Each player has a chance to get a new weapon. To increase the chances for victory, the player should invest his skins. The more skins he brings, the more chances he has among other players to win the lottery. Moreover, each player has a certain period, at the end of which user will get a thing or a box with a definite weapon. Basically, any types of variants can fall out in the game, except those, that are in covert case csgo. Each case can be opened by key that you can purchase in game or from other players. An important condition for weapon dropping is that you have to play Counter Strike on servers connected to anti-cheat protection.

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So, what covert skins csgo are there in this series? In such kind of cases there are a wide range of weapons, which includes:

  • Pistol R8 Revolver;
  • Favorite by players Glock-18;
  • USP-S;
  • Submachine Gun CZ75-Auto;
  • MAC-10.

In this weapon collection you can also find rifles and shotguns Galil AR, Sawed-Off, FAMAS, SSG 08, AUG, P9, different modifications of M4 and fabled АК-47, sniper rifle AWP and its variants of csgo covert skin. This weapon series belongs to well-designed and spectacular models. It is more interesting for young and ambitious gamers, which prefer bright colors. The secret weapon series сovert csgo with its magnificent and diverse skins will make your game colorful, unforgettable and even more fascinating. Play, win and buy the weapon series in csgo сovert case of well known and beloved Counter Strike global offensive!

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