Case contains

There are a lot of various colorings, so called skins, in Counter-Strike. Neither classified skins, nor any others won’t add any additional skills for battle with an enemy. They were designed to perform only a cosmetic function for a better look of the weapon. Furthermore, there are also different stickers, but the only point is that you can use them only four times.

Types of design

This list is presented according to the criterion - from the worst to the best:

  • unpainted;
  • battle-hardened;
  • worn;
  • after field tests;
  • a bit shabby;
  • straight from the factory.
How can you get the coloring

Three methods were created by the game founders, in order to get a coloring from either classified skins csgo case or any other:

to conduct bargains with other participants on the special trading platform;

to get them randomly, while playing on servers that are protected by VAC;

to open a special case by a key.

Some of the skins have a special technology StatTrakTM, thanks to which the number of killed players is counted by the current owner of the pistol, rifle, machine gun. It's kind of counter that can be considered by pressing the F2 button.

Rarity of the weapon

The weapon was divided into such types by its rarity:

  • prohibited;
  • kitsch;
  • contraband;
  • industrial quality;
  • secret;
  • army quality;
  • hidden.
Types of colorings

Among csgo classified skins there are following types:

  • «Airlock»;
  • «Bengal Tiger»;
  • «Conspiracy»;
  • «Orion»;
  • «Shapewood»;
  • «Franklin»;
  • «Knight»;
  • «Elite Build»;
  • «Corticera»;
  • «Big Iron» and other.

The brightest are:

  • «Monkey Business»;
  • «Muertos»;
  • «Hot Rod»;
  • «Cold Blooded»;
  • «Boom»;
  • «Poseidon»;
  • «Cobalt Discuption»;
  • «Water Elemental»;
  • «Yellow Jacket»;
  • «Flux».

Among such a huge assortment each player will find his favorite coloring, but in order to get it, he will have either to work hard in battles or to pay money. The price to open classified case is $3.99, but at first you should get or buy appropriate key. Bright skins are more popular among Counter-Strike players. Cost of the weapon coloring is rather higher than the best design, rarity or skin type.

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