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Computer games fans know, that breakout case helps to take the position leadership. This is a kind of case with a weapon, that can be used for protection and killing the enemies. Now we wanna tell you, what does operation breakout case consist of. So, if you are a real gamer, read further. You will find many interesting things.

What does csgo breakout case include?

Many types of weapon are in operation breakout collection, that will help you to get away from any fight or operation. Вreakout case price includes different skins, including:

  • Р90 (hidden SMG);

  • M4A1-S Cyrex (rifle);

  • Glock-18 (pistol);

  • Desert Eagle (pistol);

  • Seven-En Bird (pistol);

  • Р250 (pistol);

  • Nova (shotgun);

  • SSG08 (sniper rifle);

  • Р2000 (pistol);

  • Negev (machine gun)

And many other things.

Reading about breakout skins on the website, you will immediately find the price for each weapon type. Let’s consider some weapon types from operation breakout weapon case skins. for example, the pistol Р250. This is excellent small arm, without which operation breakout skins would not be complete in the computer game Counter Strike.

Р250 – an important case element

These small arms are widely used all over the world in the real life. It is produced in Germany. The weapon operation breakout case skins is self-cocking. The caliber is 9x19 mm. Pistol’s weight without cartridges is 720 grams. Its length is 18 cm, barrel length – 10,2 сm. Р250 holds up to fifteen cartridges. The weapon lies well in the hand. It is convenient for usage and quite popular. Evidently, that's why it is often used in computer games as an element of breakout case csgo.

Different skins of this weapon is available in the game:

  • Muertos;

  • Cartel;

  • See you;

  • Undertow;

  • Mendy;

  • Franklin;

  • Red rock;

  • Splash;

  • Pulsation;

  • Nuclear Threat.

And this is not a complete list of possible P250 modifications.

Operation breakout weapon case contains the pistols, which differ from other models in its lineup with some technical characteristics and shopfront.

For example, the gun Muertos has a chrome red plated cover with a skull pattern. In operation breakout case price is indicated, that its price is from seven to seventeen dollars. But, if you want to be different from other players, then your weapon should be special, do you agree? You can choose the most appropriate option in the breakout weapon case.

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