Case contains

AWP belongs to sniper rifles. It is a very good weapon against an armored enemy, if you shoot accurately in his stomach, head or chest. You should remember, that it has a very strong shot sound, so you must act with extreme caution. The advantage is the high accuracy at long distance. This weapon has wonderful skins, among which there are random awp, which you can get from the cases.

Rating of the most popular skins

In the fifth place is awp skin called "Lightning strike". There are such types of quality:

  • ● a bit worn;
  • ● directly from the factory.

A remarkable device is a counter, which shows the number of killed enemies. Because of this positive feature, its price increases and is a fairly large sum.

The fourth level in the AWP CS GO skins ranking gets "High-speed beast" that is popular among players thanks to its original coloring. In order to get it you have to spend not one hundred keys from the Falction case and to pay not less cost.

A sniper rifle “Bang” ranked third place. This csgo AWP skin has orange coloring with fragments of comics. Also, it is included in the collection «eSports 2013». The cost is twice as much as other.

“Jellyfish” skin is in the second place. Players saw such a coloring in 2015. It is a rare chance to get this weapon in the game, so it is not an easy task to find it on trading platforms.

Awp skins price does not exceed $1300.

A favorite among Counter-Strike players is "The story of the dragon." Its release was in 2014. The number of random awp skin appearance cases increases year by year. A fire-breathing dragon is depicted on the rifle. You will have to pay for such a masterpiece not less than $1400.

AWP cases

Among AWP case CS:GO, that can be received in the game, you can find such collections:

  • ● «Lake»;
  • ● «Italy»;
  • ● «Dust».

Exclusive csgo awp case for any kind of operation:

  • ● «Gods and monsters»;
  • ● «Overpass»;
  • ● «Cobblestone».

As a rule, there are not less than 10 pieces of different weapon units with a wide variety of skins in awp case. This sniper rifle is widely used, but the owners of exclusive colorings can seldom sell it. The chances to get an expensive skin in random awp case are very low, so there is no sense to hope for a miracle.

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