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The purchase of a new weapon for counter-strike fans is rather a necessity than a whim, because the equipment should be developed together with the overcoming of a new level. Availability of new equipment for any kind of battle ensures victory and game progress.

For timely protection, we recommend buying several types of weapons at once for shots to the near or far post, for rear battle and battle in the enemy's entourage. In such a way you will be able to protect yourself as much as possible and to ensure game progress to you and your team.

Asiimov is a time-tested classic

The rifle asiimov csgo is presented in four modifications:

  • - P250;
  • - 90;
  • - М4А4;
  • - AWP

This rifle belongs to the sniper class and can be used as a secret weapon. It is identified by a recognizable sound of shooting. Besides, it applies one rule: one shot one kill, as only a few rifles can compete with it by their accuracy. It belongs to Phoenix collection. Сsgo asiimov price is 6 dollars.

Technical features of Asiimov

The rifle is made in a design style "battle-hardened". More often it is used in the tournament mlg Columbus 2016.

The sniper rifle can be used either in a group or single battle, it provides direct hit in an enemy and does not require a second shot.

Design of Asiimov rifle

Asiimov rifle is hand-painted and designed in a beautiful army style, but in the same time only white and orange colors were used. It greatly fits for battle under cover and is invisible in a secret attack.

Types of asiimov

Asiimov p250 is a functional pistol with a roomy magazine. It is suitable as an additional weapon during fighting. Such a weapon is always in touch and will help out, when you need to make an accurate shot to the near post.

Asiimov p90 gun is a very powerful rifle equipped with a special sight system for accurate shot. It looks quite impressive because of its unusual design and massiveness.

The rifle csgo asiimov M4 A4 is very light, equipped with a sight and a big magazine for the accurate shot. It is a good fit for snipers, which work under cover, because the rifle is tooled up with a reliable sight and a good shot distance.

Asiimov AWP rifle is used for pedestrian battle. It is equipped with a powerful sight for multiple target increase.

The usage of such an outfit will help you to win numerous battles in counter-strike. Moreover, thanks to it you will earn extra points by elimination of all enemies, no matter if they are in the rear or on the front line.

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